2017-18 Fall/Winter collection





The Muse is a tragic princess, Marie Antoinette. MUVEIL’s 2017-18 Fall/Winter collection features aristocratic romanticism, revisiting the royal culture with the image of the queen who was embroiled in the French Revolution. Inspired by the flourishing court culture, we played with almost overdone details and fabric textures of the royal design. Manly military taste has been also blended in.

The bell sleeves that flares from the elbow down, and the voluminous puff sleeves create well-accented massiveness. The decorative high neck design is also taken from the royal look. We blended the loveliness and nobleness sprinkled with the wits typical of MUVEIL’s. MA-1 with embroidered rose motifs has blend of feminine and masculine touches. The designer’s perspective that looked into the court culture nonetheless stands on the side of people who raised the revolution, and that is giving the depth to the overall taste of the collection.

The naïve and innocent senses of Marie Antoinette who did not know the lives of people were expressed by macaroon colors and velour fabrics. The sailing ship motif represents the queer hairstyles of the aristocrats at that time. We also added a logo of ‘MARIE’. Taken from the fabric pattern of the cushions in the Versailles, we printed images of squirrels as well. Dreamy and fairly-tale-like world is reflected on the pattern of pigeons taking flights.

The grandly-silhouetted down jacket expands the variations of coordination. A feminine top is toughened by a masculine pair of pants. We adopted blouses with elegant mood and handsome pants with men’s-pants-like touch. Moreover, by matching tulle dresses and skirts with cargo pants, we harmonized fantasy and masculinity. Respecting the craftsmanship at the time of the French Revolution, we also added carefully cross-stitched embroideries. The delicate film-like vinyl materials produced in Kiryu are printed with flower patterns, adding sparkles to your style.